The BrettspielWelt Ligretto Guild

Ligretto is a card game which can also be played online in the BrettspielWelt. Beside Ligretto there are more than 90 other board games and over 1,000 players constantly online. The guild is responsible for spreading the word and for organizing regular tournaments and leagues.
Last 10 Tournament Results

September 2015 Mortimer Mirabella85 PaPaSchlumpFFF
June 2015 endlessDream Mortimer PaPaSchlumpFFF
May 2015 endlessDream Mortimer stubi
March 2012 Mortimer stubi Dornröschen
December 2011 endlessDream Mortimer Brabbel
November 2011 MissSuga schaaf_music Mortimer
October 2011 schaaf_music Mortimer stubi
September 2011 Mortimer stubi MissSuga
August 2011 Mortimer endlessDream stubi
July 2011 endlessDream stubi Mortimer